General Info

The Show-Me Rally will consist of multiple stages, run over gravel roads through wonderful Washington County in Missouri. Located in Eastern Missouri in the great Mark Twain forest, you will enjoy rolling country side views, and great roads through the forests.

The City of Potosi welcomes all competitors and volunteers to the area and hope you enjoy your stay while you are here for the rally.

Show-Me Rally is a performance rally car race, using street legal vehicles, which have additional safety gear and full roll cages.  For any newcomers to rallying, a rally consists of “transit zones” and “special stages”.  A transit has the rally teams on the roads with the general public following all traffic rules and merely gets the competitors from one special stage to the next.  A special stage is a closed to-the-public section of road(s) where teams are allowed to travel from the start to the finish as fast as they can.  Teams are started one minute apart, so there is no wheel-to-wheel racing.  The total elapsed times for each team over all of the special stages will determine both individual class and overall victories of the event. 

For months before the event, the Show-Me Rally Committee begins working with the local government officials economic partners, to ensure a well organized and safe event.  Show-Me Rally aims to help give the area an economic boost by bringing in multiple teams, their service crews, officials, and hundreds of volunteers from outside the area.  The Washington County Commissioners have given the organizers of Show-Me Rally permission to temporarily close a few county roads for short periods of time on Friday and Saturday.

Anyone interested in helping with this event, please visit our Volunteer Page.  Your help is greatly needed as well over 100 volunteers will be required to staff the courses.